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Nomad Psalms

Authored by Zachary K Jewell
Illustrated by Mary Wendel

There are those who bind our lives in chains and those with the power to break them – these words are for you. Nomad Psalms is a poetic account of a spiritual pilgrimage; from innocence and ignorance to love and wisdom. It is an adventure of sorts, navigating the paths and pitfalls of relationships, family, and God.

Available for purchase at >AMAZON.COM<

Peel the Layers

Born in northern Utah, raised in southern Texas, currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I have been a percussionist since age eleven, writing and performing poetry since the age of sixteen, and practicing photography since nineteen. I have an innate passion for helping others discover and foster their own mediums through a process of creating art and building relationships, which I plan to do so on a grand scale in the near future.

I recently published my first book of poems titled Nomad Psalms, which is illustrated by Mary Wendel, an exceptional artist based in Austin, TX. The theme of the upcoming piece is the journey of a soul, an adventure of sorts, navigating the winding paths and pitfalls of adolescent spirituality; seeking truth.

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