The Breaking of Light – Introduction


If you’ve ever had to start over…

If you’ve ever lost your way…

If you’ve ever been a slave to darkness…

This space is for you.

My hope is, here you might find some kindling for a fire that will burn bright to break through the darkness, and help light your way.

I am starting this blog after pushing through some rather difficult but exciting changes in my life – all starting with a big promotion at work. I know, a big promotion doesn’t sound like it would be a difficult thing, but this promotion was the catalyst for the earthquake which, little did I know, would soon crumble the foundation my life as I knew it was built on. I would soon be moving twenty-five hundred miles from anyone I knew and/or loved for the first time in my thirty-one years, and I truly had no idea how much my life was about to change.

The past year and a half has taught me a great deal about finding happiness, loving others, and living life. I have learned what true loneliness feels like. I have been reminded, through the kindness of strangers and new friends, of what true love really is. I have learned that comfort and progress cannot coexist, and subsequently, the value of a change in scenery. I have realized it is impossible for two people, in any type of relationship, to walk the same path, but rather parallel one another for a time. I’ve learned to fully embrace the time I do have with others, and to be accepting of a change in direction.

All that said, I believe we are to learn not only from our own journey, but also from the journeys of others. Centuries on centuries of stories passed down from ancestors through drama, poetry, novels, and graphic art (to name a few) are not to be ignored. I will sketch my own journey here, in candid cartography of ink spot soliloquies and paint brush bellows from the depths of me. I hope you may glean from it something which helps make your path a little less lonely, or a little more positive, or inspired in some way or another. In exchange, I encourage you to share your story with me, so I may learn from you as well. The intent for this blog and this website, and my art alike, is to create community. That’s what art does, brings people together. Don’t be shy.

 Safe travels. Best regards.


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