A Changing of Tides: Don’t be a Fish, be an Ocean

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite places to find inspiration for my writing and art is in media. Specifically, music, movies and television shows with thought provoking social commentary or abstract ideas. Lately my muses have been stand-up comedy specials and the subsequent dark comedy series about comedians’ lives, such as Louie or Maron. Unfortunately, because there is SO MUCH media available for such “inspiration”, it is easy to use as an excuse for not ACUTALLY getting anything productive done. It’s easy to sit down on the couch for “just one show”, and before I know it I’ve wasted another weekend attempting and failing to unwind from my nine to five.

It seems almost natural amid a busy work life, to fall into the vortex of exhaustion and boredom and allow the desire to feel numb on the weekends consume us. However, when you have a dream, this cycle can almost literally drive you insane. If you have a dream, there must come a time sooner or later when your vices and excuses are replaced by drive and the desire to achieve.

I find myself recently craving to be on a tropical beach somewhere, and I am typically NOT a beach person. While I’m sure it in part is due to the past four months of clouds and precipitation in the Pacific Northwest, I also recognize that occasionally something inside me NEEDS to experience the vast power of the ocean to help put things in perspective. The thought of the waves of ancient waters rolling, shockingly cold, over the tops of my feet, makes me consider the limited time we have in these bodies.

Every morning when you wake up you can choose to be a fish, idlily swimming, allowing the currents to direct you, spending your days hoping you don’t get eaten by something bigger, or hooked on some random fisherman’s line while innocently pursuing your food. That, or you can choose to be an ocean creating the currents, making waves, being a driving force.

Personally, I have grown tired of being a fish. Starting today, I choose to be an ocean. It’s time for a changing of tides.

How are YOU making waves? Comment below!

Safe travels! Best Regards!


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