Stop Working for Someone else’s Dreams!

You know that feeling of being stuck in traffic on the highway, emergency lights reflecting rhythmically off the asphalt about a mile up the road, and just before the scene of the accident you can see your exit. You would have been on time if it had not been for the careless drivers ahead, but you can’t help but think to yourself, “If only I had left the house FIVE minutes earlier!” You creep forward relentlessly, growing more and more frustrated with the person in front of you for no real reason other than the simple fact that they exist, cursing them every time they release the brake, momentarily giving you that false sense of hope that traffic may finally be moving…

Have you ever felt that way about life? That frustration and urgency to move forward, to change, to quit showing up late for all the best parties? I have definitely felt that way. I DO feel that way. It’s so easy to get fused to the concrete at our jobs and become a fixture because we’re good at what we do, even though we hate what we are doing. It’s easy to convince ourselves that comfort is security and there is nothing better out there than financial success, or owning a house, or having a family.

Almost exactly a year ago today, I saw an interview with Jeff Bezos on a local television channel. One thing in the interview seemed uber present. This man in his early 50s, who started an online bookstore from his parents’ garage, who is now one of the wealthiest people on the planet only 20 years later, said to the interviewer (And I’m paraphrasing here), “Don’t waste your life working for someone else’s dream.” WOW! This man employs hundreds of thousands of people because he chased his own dream, and caught It! 

This resonated strongly with me, and over the course of this past year I have finally begun taking steps toward chasing my dream again with my passions reignited and a new found sense of freedom in my purpose. The only problem is, now, I can see my exit… it’s so close… but I’m stuck in traffic, waiting for the wreck ahead to he cleared. I have to constantly remind myself, there will be wrecks and roadblocks, but the only way to go anywhere is to get in the car… and drive.

Thanks for the reminder, Jeff.

Safe travels! Best Regards!


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