Show the World the God in You!

Sitting in a quiet cafe corner, I remember why mornings are my most difficult time. The sanctity of a sunrise breeding electric excitment for what’s to come does not bubble up in me as it does for most. The espresso scented sidewalks echoing with high heeled footsteps and car horn chaos do not resonate in me, as the sadness in the stillness of the sleeping junkies tucked away in the frigid hidden alcoves of the city. I find more inspiration in clouds of cigarette smoke drifing away with prodigal mellinials seeking refuge in the bottle. There is something about watching my own generation disintigrate drunkenly into the night, which makes me want to be a better man.

The mornings though, are filled with hope which burns away with the heat of the midday sun. And so many end the day mourning the madness of the cycle that fills their wallets and empties their souls. It is the wealth of nations which makes this life worth living, isn’t it? We are wealthy, aren’t we? We are fulfilled, right?

Tell me I’m wealthy. Tell me I’m fulfilled. Tell me I’m happy… Please?

There is something about falling asleep to the sound of the crescendo of cosmic symphony. The most timeless of compositions reminding me there is more; and I will dream of more. I will dream, and i will rise, and i will live. I will be more. I will belong to the symphony. I will be bold bright brass bellowing boldness. I will be woodwinds whispering the world awake. I will be strings singing for solidarity. I will be percussion pleading for a pulse among us.

WE are Lazarus.

WE are Savior.

WE are the music makers. We must raise our song from the dead, shake it from its’ slumber, and play it LOUD! There is no tomorrow. There is only now.

WE are Lazarus.

WE are Savior.

WE are the miracle workers. Rise symphony! Rise and show this world the god in you. Rise symphony! Rise… and shine!

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