The Importance of Thankfulness

Since I have lived in the Pacific Northwest of the United States I have come to understand it is literally impossible to see every thing of beauty in a lifetime. You could hike a different trail every day in Washington, each with its own waterfalls and awe inspiring views, and STILL have not completed all of them. And that is only ONE section of ONE state in ONE country on ONE planet, and so it goes. Wow! I am out of breath thinking about it!

As I have been living the nomad life in Europe the past week, I have had the opportunity to see some amazing things. German countryside peppered with small towns, each with one uniquely beautiful church steeple peeking out from amidst the houses and farms. A large collection of works from Vincent Van Gogh, and some impressive street art alike, in Amsterdam. And the landscape along the northern coast of Spain… indescribably beautiful. While I was in Oviedo, Asturias, I was reminded of something very important.

I left my Air B&B to have dinner one night, at a restaurant recommended by a coworker called El Gato Negro. I ordered an Asturian natural cider, a plate of manchego cheese with apple slices and pate to start, and a main course of cod with ratatouille. The point though, is not what I ate, but what happened to me when the waiter put the ratatouille down in front of my face. I was overwhelmed by blissful aromas, the sounds locals watching futbol, yelling at the television in Spanish, and the realization it had been some time since I stopped to be grateful.

It’s not that I hadn’t stopped to enjoy a moment, or to appreciate my friends or family. I just hadn’t taken time to meditate on my life and be thankful for the experience; the good, the bad, the indifferent. I know, it probably seems strange to consider being thankful for the bad moments, possibly even the indifferent ones, but it is vital for us to consider the what these moments teach us about ourselves and who we might (or might not) be without them.

Take a moment… stop, breathe, consider now. Tell me, what beauty is in your life? (Seriously, leave a comment. I encourage conversation here)

Safe travels,


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